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Hundreds Protest At Mall That Asked Kissing Gay Couple To Leave

Protesters gathered at the Roseville Galleria in Sacramento, California on Saturday to show support for the gay couple kicked out by mall security for kissing and holding hands.

Posted on March 11, 2013, at 12:43 p.m. ET

Daniel Chesmore, 21, and Jose Guzman, 24, were told by a security guard at Roseville Galleria in Sacramento that if they didn't stop kissing and holding hands, they'd be asked to leave the mall.

On Saturday, the local LGBT community gathered in front of the mall and held the Love Is Love Rally.

The pair were told by the security guard that anyone, regardless of sexuality, would be ejected from the mall for public displays of affection.

The mall initially supported the security guard's decision, telling local news station Fox40, that anyone who violates their code of conduct will be asked to leave.

During the rally, however, the staff of the Roseville Galleria offered food and water to everyone who participated in the rally.

Chesmore and Guzman are both teachers at an elementary school in Oakland.

It is currently unknown if the mall disciplined the guard for asking the two to leave.

Raw video of Saturday's rally:

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