14 Of The Most WTF Headlines About Trump From Germany

We've got all the greatest hits, from "Sexmonster" to "Horror Clown".

1. First up, we have Bild calling Trump a "Sexmonster".

2. Die Welt chose to go with something a little more cinematic.

3. Der Spiegel, back in January, just went with some flames, an American flag, and the word "Madness".

4. The Hamburger Morgenpost this week went with maybe the greatest headline of all time: "Please, not the horror clown!"

5. The Allgemeine Zeitung's designer must have had a lot of fun with this one. The top half says, "Well — Okay..." and the bottom half says, "...Or is the world upside down?"

6. Stern: "What if... Trump became president?"

7. Der Spiegel hit folks with another dramatic one, this one says, "The Next President: Script of Tragedy".

8. Die Welt had another cover that was just Trump's head and the words "Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me".

9. Here's an inner Trump splash from Der Spiegel.

10. Welt der Wunder put Trump into a group with some other famous politicians and slapped a headline on it reading, "Psychopaths Of World History".

11. Stern tried something a bit more subtle here with "The Beauty And The Beast".

12. Der Spiegel back at it again, this time in September, with Trump eating the whole planet — "Five minutes before Trump".

13. Die Zeit had a big splash last month. "America's blonde Mussolini"

14. And finally, a bonus cover from Austrian magazine that's popular in Germany! A very simple: "For real?"

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