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A Little Boy Lost His Stuffed Tiger At An Airport, But Then Something Super Cute Happened

I'm not crying, there's just something in my eye, OK?

Posted on June 18, 2015, at 8:53 a.m. ET

On a recent trip to Houston, 6-year-old Owen Lake lost his stuffed tiger, Hobbes. Owen panicked and his mom, Amanda, called the Tampa International Airport, hoping someone had spotted Hobbes.

Airport staff found Hobbes, but they decided to make sure Owen knew Hobbes was having his own adventure while he was left behind at the airport.

Tony D'Aiuto, the airport operations center manager, took Hobbes on a journey all over the airport. D'Aiuto photographed the whole journey. Hobbes got some gelato. Plus, he met a ton of new friends!

Within an hour of landing in Texas, the Lakes found out that Hobbes was not only safe and sound, but also a little busy making some new friends.

Check out Hobbes helping make sure some passengers get where they're supposed to be.

Airport staff uploaded the photos to their Facebook page, but didn't stop there. They printed out the photos of Hobbes' big adventure so they could give it to Owen.

Owen and Hobbes were reunited last week. Owen's mom told the Tampa Bay Times she was in tears when she saw the book the airport made for Owen. "Owen really loves him. He's special, and we are so thankful for the airport and what they did," she said.

"When we heard about our operations staff creating this book of photos for this little boy, we thought it was really cute," Emily Nipps, Tampa International's communications manager told BuzzFeed News. "We had no idea it would get the response it has."