High School Apologizes For Teen Who Posted "Go Back To Africa" After Ferguson Verdict

The girl's tweet after Monday night's grand jury verdict went so viral her school had to respond.

A high school senior from Illinois tweeted this on Monday night during the announcement of the grand jury decision not to charge Darren Wilson with the death of Michael Brown.

The backlash was immediate as the girl's tweet went viral on Twitter and Tumblr. The girl didn't delete the post and at one point said she only regretted the tweet had a typo in it.

Twitter users started sharing all of the girl's personal information. Then people began mass emailing her high school.

The school received so many emails, apparently, that it was forced to issue a statement, saying in part, "We assure anyone who read those comments that they do not reflect any of the teachings of this school district."

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As of Tuesday morning the girl's Twitter account was made private.