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Here's What Happened When A Co-Worker Asked This Guy To Watch Her Plant

This went from 0-100 real fast.

Posted on November 11, 2014, at 1:35 p.m. ET

This is Eric Freeman. He works at a Georgia-based IT firm, and he was recently asked to watch his co-worker Kelly's plant.

And things started out fine.

Until everything got a little weird...

Then they left the office.

Freeman and Kelly's plant really bonded.

They took scenic walks together.

They just really made a day of it.

*~BFFS 4 lyf~*

Then it was time to head back to the office; Freeman made the mistake of letting the plant drive.

Freeman works in a pretty cool office so they didn't go right back to work.

Then there was, of course, the inevitable chat with Human Resources.

Finally, it was time to buckle down. The plant helped Freeman with a big presentation.

They took a short break to recreate The Lion King.

Then it was time for the big presentation.

And Kelly's plant even got a raise!

Freeman's plant photos have gone pretty viral since he posted them Monday. "It's kind of was a regular old Reddit post," Freeman told BuzzFeed News. "My office continues to talk about (it) and make plant-based puns.'"