23 Heartbreaking Cartoons From Artists Responding To The Charlie Hebdo Shooting

Cartoonists from all over the world mourn in the wake of a Paris shooting that killed as many as 12 people, many of whom are members of Charlie Hebdo.

1. David Pope

Can't sleep tonight, thoughts with my French cartooning colleagues, their families and loved ones #CharlieHebdo

2. Ruben L. Oppenheimer

3. Jean Jullien

I am devastated by what just happened in France. #CharlieHebdo

"I am Charlie."

4. Boulet

"Ducks will always fly higher than guns." (Ducks in French is also a slang term for newspaper.)

5. Joep Bertrams

"Unstoppable Charlie Hebdo."

6. Plantu

"My heart is with Charlie Hebdo."

7. Tommy Dessine

"Oh no... not them..."

8. Zep

.@lemondefr cartoonist @Zeptheworld https://t.co/UpKdFVkcoy

"Cabu, Wolinski, Tignous, Charb

A death stupid and mean...

God: Cabu? For once, you're early."

9. Neelabh Banerjee

Horrible attack.Cartoonists across the world are uniting against bloodshed and violence. @ibnlive @cnnbrk

10. Loïc Sécheresse

11. Nate Beeler

RIP #CharlieHebdo cartoonists. My toon from 2010:

12. Bernardo Erlich

Atentado a Charlie Hebdo. http://t.co/TBlz9pBuI7

"The world has become so serious that humor is a risky profession."

13. JM:o

#CharlieHebdo C'est la liberté qu'on assassine >> http://t.co/uvDK3N9Co3

"Murderous attack at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo."

14. Carlos Latuff

Please, RT! #CharlieHebdo attack has another victim! Via @MiddleEastMnt #ParisShooting

15. Martin Vidberg

Comment dessiner aujourd'hui ? Comment ne pas dessiner aujourd'hui ?

"Today, I am a press cartoonist. Today, I am a journalist. Today, I draw for Charlie Hebdo."

16. Rafael Mantesso

17. Francisco J. Olea

"Grab your weapons mates."

18. Tomi Ungerer

"No Freedom without freedom of press."

19. Nono

#CharlieHebdo : l'hommage de notre dessinateur Nono

"Died for the freedom of expression."

20. Ann Telnaes

Washington Post cartoonist @AnnTelnaes on #CharlieHebdo. http://t.co/kwtvbInWJC

21. Magnus Shaw

A terrible day for all cartoonists. #JeSuisCharlie

22. Lucille Clerc

23. And lastly, BuzzFeed's Nathan W. Pyle, Loryn Brantz, and Will Varner.

“I prefer to die standing than live on my knees” #JeSuisCharlie

Number 16 was originally created by visual artist Rafael Mantesso. An earlier version of this post incorrectly attributed this cartoon.

Number 22 was originally created by graphic designer Lucille Clerc. An earlier version of this post incorrectly attributed this image to "Banksy".

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