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Gang Members Busted For Bragging About Being Gang Members On Facebook

Two members of the Crazy White Boys gang learned that if you are a felon and not allowed to own a gun you probably shouldn't pose with one on Facebook.

Posted on May 22, 2013, at 2:57 p.m. ET

The Daily Dot is reporting the two men below are convicted felons Mario Daniel McDonald and Joseph Wayne Edwards.

The duo belong to the Crazy White Boyz street gang and were recently arrested by Marion County Sheriff's Office detectives for violating their parole by posing with firearms on Facebook.

The two appear to have deleted the photos, but many of their photos show one or both flashing the Crazy White Boyz gang sing, pictured right.

Part of their arrest referenced their use of Facebook to promote and further the interests of a criminal street gang.


From the Marion County Sheriff's Department' press release:

Also, both suspects had gang-related photographs on Facebook. McDonald and Edwards are reportedly members of the Crazy White Boys Criminal Street Gang.

"The still images attached to these Facebook accounts promote and further the interests of the criminal street gang," said Captain James Pogue, Marion County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer. The images show the suspects committing criminal activity, in this case: possession of a firearm by convicted felons.

Perhaps making things worse for McDonald and Edwards, the public Crazy White Boyz Facebook group has been referencing the arrest.

Perhaps The Crazy White Boyz should reconsider having a public Facebook group for gang activity.

They have a public Facebook Page too.