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People Can't Stop Photoshopping This Guy Who Attacked Journalists With A Shovel

Meet French Shovel Guy.

Posted on November 9, 2015, at 10:04 a.m. ET

On Monday, about a half-dozen activists working with the Bird Protection League were attacked in a cornfield in Audon, France.

Allain Bougrain-Dubourg : "Nous avons pris 3 ou 4 coups de pelle, on est 4 ou 5 dans ce cas" #AFP

The activists, accompanied by journalists, were on an anti-poaching operation aimed at protecting finches.

L’altercation a duré une quinzaine de minutes, jusqu’à l’arrivée des gendarmes #AFP

Among those unhappy about the Bird Protection League's action was this guy in his underwear with a shovel. A photographer for AFP took this amazing photo.

Landes: des militants de la LPO et des journalistes agressés à coup de pelle #AFP

And then things spiraled out of control...

He's become a Jedi.

Star Wars va trop loin dans la promo! #SlipAndPelle #SlipGate #Landes

And a Sith.

Exclu Star Wars 7, un nouveau perso, Darth Slipious des #Landes #starwars7 #LPO

#StarWarsTheForceAwakens : les fans sont prêts dans les #Landes #pelle #LPO

He's a Spartan.

#landes quand les landais voient débarquer la LPO dans le maïs

And a bunch of other stuff too.

They've replaced his shovel with an iPad.

Moi avec ma perche à selfie pour ipad.

And taken him on vacation with a selfie stick.

According to one user, he's "what you see right before you die."

Des chercheurs ont réussi à illustrer ce qu'on voit juste avant de mourir

Nouvelle façon de faire l'appel en classe dans les #Landes. #LPO

He's been turned into video game characters.

Ma maigre contribution à cette histoire de pelle.

He's been dropped into Jurassic World.

He's King Kong.

And he's a member of the Avengers.

He's also hanging out in the new "Hotline Bling" video.

Oh, and bonus, if you want the shovel guy, here's a starter kit.

Vive le Shovel Guy !

"L'écologie en France", allégorie. 2015. #LPO