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Female Israeli Defense Force Members Pose In Lingerie For Racy Facebook Photos

The Israeli media is currently up in arms over a series of incredibly suggestive photos that five female soldiers posted to social media. NSFW.

Posted on June 3, 2013, at 2:12 p.m. ET

The Sun is reporting that Israeli Defense Force members are in hot water for posting these racy photos to Facebook.

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The women in the photos were described by the Israeli military as acting in a way that was "unbecoming" for Israeli soldiers.

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Gawker posted three more of the group's Facebook photos, which show the women covering their bare breasts with firearms.

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The IDF's official statement about the still unnamed female recruits is that "the commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fit."

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Reactions in the Israeli media have been mixed, with some thinking that it was nice to see IDF soldiers acting in a silly manner.

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This isn't the first time social media use of IDF members has sparked some controversy. Last year, BuzzFeed covered the surreal instagrams of the Israeli military.