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Family Receives Threats After Upsetting Video Of Black 5-Year-Olds Hitting White 3-Year-Old Goes Viral

After the video was uploaded to, viewers began calling in threats to the father of the children in the video.

Posted on August 27, 2013, at 4:19 p.m. ET

Over the weekend, two disturbing videos titled "When White People Piss Black People Off" parts 1 and 2 were uploaded to Facebook by a 12-year-old boy from Minnesota.

The 12-year-old was posting them under the fake name "Ray Wright" and his page has been pulled down. But the videos were uploaded to Live Leak and viewed over 50,000 times since Sunday.

In the videos, the holding the camera is egging on two girls as they harass and hit a three-year-old girl.

The videos didn't go viral until they were ripped from the boy's Facebook page...

...and put on LiveLeak. Users were outraged, claiming it was an example of racially motivated bullying.

The bullied girl's father told local reporters that the boy's father has apologized for the video and is punishing the children responsible.

That didn't stop users from posting the 12-year-old "Ray Wright's" real name and contact info on Twitter, demanding other users call their house.

Including an account associated with Anonymous.

The boy's father, Eddie, says the family is punishing the boy and that they've received hundreds of threatening phone calls since it was uploaded.

According to The Daily News, police are also investigating another post on the "Ray Wright" Facebook page, which appears to be a photo of the 12-year-old holding a firearm.

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