Domino's Japan Is Apparently Trying To Figure Out How To Get Reindeer To Deliver Pizzas

Sure why not.

According to a lengthy press release released by Domino's Japan this month, the company is working with the "Hokkaido Delivery Integrated Research Center" to figure out how to train reindeer to deliver pizzas.

Domino's announced it on its Facebook, saying the delivery reindeer would be ready to deliver pizzas by December.

Oh, also, the whole thing is apparently going to use a GPS tracking system so you know exactly where your pizza is.

The best part of this whole stunt, though, is the promotional video they released.

Which shows "Delivery Integrated Researchers" trying to figure out how to strap pizzas to a very unhelpful reindeer.

This is what the future of pizza looks like, people.

This is what progress looks like.

According to the video, apparently the researchers settled on a pizza sleigh that the reindeer will pull around.

Which, obviously, has a pizza warmer in the back of it.


Domino's also released an incredibly serious PDF showing all of the work they've put into this whole thing.

The local reactions to this whole stunt are somewhat mixed...

As of right now, there aren't a ton of details out there about how this whole thing will actually work IRL, but Domino's is promising this is going to be a real thing and plans to announce more information about it on Dec. 1.

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