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Does Your College Have A Make-Out Twitter Yet?

Does Your College Have A Make-Out Twitter Yet?

It's the hot new trend among college students: Twitter accounts full of creepshots of kids making out in dorms and at bars. Boobshot Twitters are so over.

Posted on February 22, 2013, at 10:58 a.m. ET

1. Louisiana State University

The accounts are similar in tone to the College Boobs phenomenon that happened last month. There hasn't been any sort of official declaration as to why these creepshot Twitter accounts popped up, but The Athens News interviewed a girl who ended up on one of the accounts.

Brittney Synder, 22, who goes to Ohio University, ended up on the school's Bobcat Makeouts account. Synder thinks it's all in good fun and actually tweeted her own photo to the account. She told The Athens News it's the first thing she checks in the morning.

2. Notre Dame Makeouts

3. University of Pittsburgh

4. Auburn University

5. Ohio University

6. University of North Carolina

7. University Of Kentucky

8. Iowa State University

9. Miami University

10. Kansas State University

11. Ball State University

12. University of Alabama

13. University of Nevada

14. Eastern Illinois University

15. University of South Carolina


(h/t: Jessica Roy for spotting the first few to start)

17. Does your school have one? Add yours in the comments!

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