Do Not Believe The Rumors Going Around That You Can Charge Your iPhone 6 In The Microwave

They were made up by 4chan and if you try it you will melt your phone.

As you might recall, last year 4chan tried to convince everyone that iOS 7 would make your iPhone waterproof. (Reminder: iOS 7 did not make your iPhone waterproof.)

This week 4chan decided to come up with a follow-up for iOS 8.

They ended up with something called Apple Wave. Their fake write up for Apple Wave describes it as an interface that uses radio-baseband to synchronize with microwave frequencies that charge your phone.

It's all gibberish but they decided to spam social media with the announcement.

And it looks like more than a few people either fell for it or are playing along. With 4chan it's often hard to tell who is in on the joke and who isn't.

But it doesn't matter, these people are lying, don't microwave your phone.

#AppleWAVE for iOS 8 is great! You can charge your phone in your microwave, it's dope, I don't have iOS 8 but someone try it

I'm getting an average of 21 hours battery life thanks to #AppleWave!

tested: you can actually charge your #iphone6 using your #microwave oven, for 5-10 seconds, not 5 minutes like dumbasses did! GG, #AppleWave

Wow the new iOS8 feature is awesome #AppleWave

I can warm up pizza and charge my phone at the same time with #AppleWave

I microwaved my iOS 8 iPhone and it charged it to 500% wow what a great update

I microwaved my iPhone and it charged to 100% in 30 seconds wtf

This is what happens if you try it.

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