A University Student Died At A Sperm Bank After Donating For A Fourth Time In 10 Days

Hospital staff found the 23-year-old unconscious in a private booth.

This article was based on material provided by the CEN/Europics news agency, distributed via Newscom. We have been unable to verify its accuracy independently, for reasons explained here.

In 2012, Zheng Gang was found by hospital staff in a private booth at the Wuhan University's sperm bank after being unresponsive for two hours.

The 23-year-old med student was pronounced dead of a heart attack. He had donated sperm four times in a 10 day period.

Originally, Gang's family sued the hospital for more than $600,000 in compensation, arguing that the clinic had forced Gang into frequently donating at the sperm bank.

Now, however, the court ruled that Gang was capable of making his own decisions and that the hospital was not responsible for his death

The man was known at the hospital as a vocal advocate for the sperm donation program and would often recommend that others participate.

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