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Mr. T's Tweets About Olympic Curling Are Probably The Most Inspirational Thing You'll Ever Read

"You heard me, curling Fool!"

Posted on February 14, 2018, at 2:42 a.m. ET

There's been a lot of great stories out of the Olympics this week, but there's a very good chance you might have missed the BEST one of all.

Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

Mr. T has been live-tweeting the Olympics.

Watching the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics. I felt so Proud watching all of the Americans walk In. #WinterOlympics

And his tweets are actually really emotional.

When I saw the American Flag, followed by over 240 Olympians, it made me feel really good. I Wish All of them Succe…

But most importantly, he appears to have just discovered Olympic curling and his tweets about it are incredible.

I am really Pumped watching the Winter Olympics. I am watching events I never thought I would watch before, like cu…

He's really taken to the game.

Curling is kind of different, but it’s Exciting. It’s not as easy as it looks. It takes some skills that’s for sure. I like it!

Seriously, forget any other commentator: Mr. T understands the Olympic spirit in a way no one else does.

It takes a lot of Dedication, Discipline, Desire, Determination, and Sacrifice to get to the Olympics! Then, the rest is up to the Athletes.

It's like a beacon of pure positivity.

I like tough competition, but I also like to see good sportsmanship. Just do your best, give it all you got, and th…

Even when US athletes don't do so well.

The training, preparation, isolation, nerves, and pressure that they’ve endured... whew! Even if some don’t win a m…

But mostly, he really, really loves curling.

Like I said before, Curling is not as easy as it looks. I must be honest with you.. That little broom reminds me of…

He sees the sport for what it is: broom-based poetry in motion.

Anyways, I see curling as a finesse sport, more straight and controlled strength. Not brute strength, like when I was a bouncer, oh no!

People are obsessed with Mr. T's personal curling journey.

Mr. T learning to love curling is without question my favourite Olympic storyline

To my loyal followers: yes, from this point on, I will be retweeting all of @MrT 's curling tweets. When will I sto…

If you had "Mr. T learns to love curling" on your 2018 Bingo Card, well, congratulations.

Even the US Olympic Team has noticed.

So 2018: Mr. T loves curling 🥌

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Mr. T because, honestly, this is all just wonderful and the world needs more of Mr. T's thoughts about curling.