Probably Fake List Claims To Show Teen Slang Words Banned By A Chick-Fil-A Manager

Chick-Fil-A told BuzzFeed News it is currently looking into the situation. UPDATE: The Washington Post reported that the list of words was likely a hoax.

The Washington Post reported Saturday that an almost-identical list had been posted earlier on Reddit with an entirely different explanation and back story. The Post also noted that the Reddit user who attributed the list to his Chick-Fil-A manager has since deleted his account.

According to Reddit user Mausar, the manager of the Chick-Fil-A he works at, Eric, banned the following words at work:

Unfortunately for "Eric" the manager, many people seem to think Chick-Fil-A is bae.

@ChickfilA you're bae. ❤️

@ChickfilA is bae 😍😍😍

@ChickfilA is Bae ❤️

@ChickfilA 😘😍 #bÆ

The spicy chicken burrito from @ChickfilA is bae as fuck bruh

The Reddit user didn't list the location of the store or last name of the manager that posted the flyer. But a spokesperson for Chick-Fil-A told BuzzFeed that they are aware of the Reddit post and are currently investigating it.