This French Cartoonist Drew A Touching Tribute To The Victims Of The Brussels Terror Attack

Famous French cartoonist Plantu shared the drawing this morning after at least 13 people were reported dead following explosions at Brussels airport.

The cartoonist Plantu published the drawing on French news site Le Monde this morning, titling it "Les Attentats de ce 22 Mars à Brussels" or "The attacks of March 22 in Brussels."

#Bruxelles L'hommage de Plantu

It's quickly become a symbol of solidarity on Twitter...

All my thoughts to Belgium 🙏 #prayforbruxelles #Bruxelles #R8G © @plantu

Courage #Bruxelles 🙏❤🇧🇪 @plantu

...being shared over and over again by users.

Rien d'autre à ajouter... #JesuisBelge #BXL #Bruxelles #UnisContreLaBarbarie

Someone even added the cartoon to the Paris shootings memorial at La République in Paris.

Quelqu'un a ajouté le dessin de Plantu pour #Bruxelles au memorial du 13 novembre à Republique

Last January, the artist drew this response to the Charlie Hedbo shootings.

De tout coeur avec Charlie Hebdo.

And he drew this cartoon in November, in the wake of the Paris shootings.

13 et 14 NOVEMBRE 2015. (Le dessin Monde de ce samedi)

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