A Makeup Artist Enraged People On Facebook For Doing A Blackface "The Walking Dead" Costume

The 19-year-old German cosplayer said she doesn't believe she's done anything wrong.

Tumblr user narulein set off an online controversy when she posted her friend's makeup test on Tumblr last weekend.

The photo was of her friend Kira Markeljc, the 19-year-old artist and model behind Purple Candy Cosplay.


Markeljc lives in Holzwickede, Germany, and she loves Michonne from The Walking Dead.


Markeljc documented the building of her Michonne costume on Facebook, but then deleted the photo of the completed project after users began flooding her page and Tumblr with angry comments.

Many users are reblogging a popular post full of criticism of Markeljc for wearing blackface.

On Monday, Markeljc responded to the controversy with a Facebook status explaining that her Michonne costume wasn't racist and didn't qualify as blackface.

Facebook: permalink.php

Markeljc told BuzzFeed News that her costume was meant as a tribute to the character and doesn't see it as any different from her other makeup tests.


Markeljc explained that all the comments she's been getting are just from people taking things out of context. "People told me I am a racist because I did blackface. I never had the thought to insult someone especially not dark skinned," she said.

"Everyone who makes something good gets haters, right," Markeljc said. "I see it as something special, my site also gets more likes."


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