Meet Babymetal, The Totally Badass All-Girl Japanese Metal Band Of Your Dreams

If you aren't listening to Babymetal yet, you're seriously missing out.

Meet Babymetal. They're three teenage girls from Japan who play a mix of heavy metal and J-pop. They're amazing.

Here's them taking a selfie with Slayer. So yeah. They're a pretty big deal.

And here's one of their most popular songs, "Gimme Chocolate," which is about the pressures young girls feel about staying thin and what Japanese beauty magazines do to girls' self-esteem.

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Backstage before a recent London concert date, Babymetal were nice enough to take some time from their schedule of leading the Metal Resistance to play a game with BuzzFeed called "Metal or Not Metal?"

"OK, first up, selfies, metal or not metal?"

"What about selfie sticks, metal or not metal?"

"Sloths, metal or not metal?"

"What's the most metal emoji?"

According to Babymetal's totally brutal and heavy backstory, the girls are messengers chosen by the Fox God to spread the Metal Resistance. So it makes sense that the fox emoji's their favorite.

"Snapchat, metal or not metal?"

"Do you guys use Snapchat?"

"Frozen, metal or not metal?"

"What about The Hunger Games, metal or not metal?"

"Who's the most metal Harry Potter character? Harry, Ron, or Hermione?"

"Taylor Swift, metal or not metal?"

"What about Beyoncé, metal or not metal?"

"Is it metal to be polite to people in the mosh pit?"

"OK, what about when you're doing karaoke but you can't sing at all but you still want to sing really loudly?"

"Is homework metal?"

"OK, OK, who's more metal, Kim Kardashian or Kanye West?"

"Last one, manbuns, metal or not metal?"

Alright, bye Babymetal! Keep on defending the future of heavy metal!

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