At Least Four Sororities At University Of Alabama Won't Allow Black Students To Pledge

According to the Crimson White, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tri Delta, Chi Omega, and Pi Beta Phi all blocked two black students from pledging this year.

According to an article, alumnae from four sororities at the University of Alabama blocked two black students with high scores that were being sought after as pledges for the school's sororities.

"People are too scared of what the repercussions are of maybe taking a black girl," Gotz said. "That's stupid, but who's going to be the one to make that jump? How much longer is it going to take till we have a black girl in a sorority? It's been years, and it hasn't happened."

The four sororities named as blocking the pledging of the black students in the Crimson White's piece include Alpha Gamma Delta.
However, Karen Keene, an Alpha Gamma Delta alumna, denied the allegations."Your information is wrong," Keene said. "It wasn't anything to do with someone. It was policy procedure, and if anything, we have to follow policy and procedure with our nationals. That's all I can say."

The last University of Alabama sororites to let a black student pledge was Gamma Phi Beta in 2003.

"To my knowledge, the president and the rush chair and our rush advisors were behind this, and if we had been able to pledge her, it would've been an honor," the Tri Delta member said. "However, our [alumnae] stepped in and went over us and had her dropped."..."Not a lot of rushees get awesome scores," the Tri Delta member said. "Sometimes sisters [of active members] don't get that. [She] got excellent scores. The only thing that kept her back was the color of her skin in Tri Delt. She would have been a dog fight between all the sororities if she were white."