An Internet Witch Hunt Has Started Over A Shocking Video Of A Teenager Attacking A Street Performer

There's no kind of justice like swift, unverified, and possibly slanderous internet justice.

This is the Bullring Predator, a British street performer from Birmingham, England, who dresses up as The Predator and performs near the Birmingham Bullring.

Just saw the predator shopping in Birmingham bull ring ! #shoplifting



Just saw the predator shopping in Birmingham bull ring ! #shoplifting

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Here's a video of what he does.

On Sunday, this video was uploaded to Facebook.

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It shows of a teenager running into The Predator and pushing him violently off his pedestal.

The Predator then falls on to a little girl watching him.

Local media site I Am Birmingham posted the video to its Facebook page, asking users to help find the teenager that attacked him.

Facebook: IAmBirmingham

Users began sharing social media pages of a person who matched the physical description of the attacker.

On Reddit, a user linked to that same social media handle's videos on Keek, which show him doing similar things to other people in public.

Like this one of him and other teenagers throwing a water bottle at a man on a bus.

Local police are still investigating the incident, which is moving slowly because neither the little girl in the video nor The Predator have come forward to the police.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said officers were trying to identify the street performer and the little girl and her parents as neither have contacted the police.

"Bullring security are aware of the incident as are are the local neighbourhood policing team in case they come across the street performer or the offender," the spokesman added.

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