Outrage After TV Station Assures Viewers That The Ferguson Verdict Won't Ruin "Dancing With The Stars"

And people did not take it very well.

An ABC Affiliate in Chattanooga, Tennessee, became the center of outrage Monday night during a press conference on the Darren Wilson grand jury verdict in Ferguson, Missouri.

People were not thrilled...

@newschannelnine what kind of racist piece of trash network

. @newschannelnine a tweet exclusively for the racist, ignorant, dancing fanatics?

@newschannelnine wow I guess dancing with the stars is more important than a young black life! Racist crackers!! #Ferguson

The station has tweeted multiple apologies to all viewers.

We've removed our very poorly worded tweet from earlier to stop the bad signal from spreading. Please accept our sincerest apologies.

We did not mean to be insensitive with our previous tweet about DWTS vs. Ferguson. We apologize if it was perceived that way.

Along with dozens of individual apologies.

@MikeSchlossberg @daveweigel sorry, mike, we're new at this.

@michaelduterte no, please - it was a mistake, it won't happen again, we promise, gary.

@VertMB @OtterDose ugh, sorry about all that.

@MrSFriedlander @leahsullivan_ we're so sorry.

But as I'm sure their social media team now understands, tweeting usually only makes things worse.

@newschannelnine it's too late now. You should have apologized to everyone earlier and stopped tweeting.

@newschannelnine I'm reporting your account

@newschannelnine is havin a rough night 😂😂😭

@newschannelnine needs a professional social media team.

@newschannelnine because ignoring racism is as simple as deleting a racist tweet.

@newschannelnine A man is dead. A family is grieving. A city is burning. Nobody gives a damn tonight about "Dancing with the Stars."

For a meltdown of epic proportions, watch @newschannelnine try to recover from its awful tweet. But hey, they follow back!

literally don't. just stop. you're making it worse. @newschannelnine

Ayo, @newschannelnine? Fuck you. Have a good night.

@newschannelnine probably one of the most disgusting, insensitive, tweet ever. Truly a disgrace. Will you have a job tomorrow?

@newschannelnine Absolutely disgusting and pathetic. Professionalism must be a myth in your office.

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