A Bunch Of Teenagers Threw Onions In This Toilet And Now Everyone's Fighting About It


This photo was tweeted by user lyxopk on Wednesday night and it's been retweeted over 14,000 times since.

who the FUCK brings a bag of CHOPPED RED ONIONS to school just to throw them in the TOILET i fuckin HATE my school

Courtesy of Naglis Bukauskas

Lyxopk — who asked to keep her real name private — lives in Brooklyn and told BuzzFeed News the photo was taken by her friend in the boys' bathroom of her high school.

@lyxopk @lorenbentleyy Idk why but this is so funny

"There isn't really a story," she said. "The boys in my school always do pranks like this. Last year, it was goldfish in the toilet."

@lyxopk Shh... It's modern art, don't fight it

The photo, though, has started a giant argument about whether it's a toilet full of onions or a toilet full of red cabbage.

@lyxopk @MsLuuna but those aren't red onions...

@TheJaQuanJones @lyxopk i was thinking that too lmao is it cabbage

@MsLuuna @lyxopk lmao right it's clearly not red onions

"It looks like onions to me and friends, but a lot of people are saying it's cabbage," she said.

@lyxopk alright i know all of u pointing out that its cabbage dont even eat ur veggies

Lyxopk said her school has tried closing the bathrooms on one floor for a few weeks, but it hasn't stopped kids from pulling pranks. "At the end of the day, it's just extra work for janitors," she said.

@lyxopk @GamingAndPandas some heroes don't wear capes. I'm referring to janitors. Whoever did this is a butthole.

So if you're thinking about filling toilets with onions at your own school, just please, think of the janitors.

@lyxopk @breebree397 by far the most creative prank I've ever seen

@lyxopk @SimonHoneydew I'm equal parts shocked at the lack of regard for school property and impressed at the originality and initiative...

Teenagers are weird.

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