A Pennsylvania Police Chief Refuses To Apologize For Threatening On YouTube To Shoot Liberals

The mayor's office says the chief is acting within his First Amendment right to express himself in his free time.

Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler released this 30-second YouTube video last week. In the video he tells "libtards" to fuck off.

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Kessler then shows off a shirt that reads "Liberals Take It In The Ass" on the back. The front of the shirt has a Confederate flag patch on it.

Kessler's next video, titled "Chief Mark Kessler , I'm Sorry for hurting feelings," opens with an apology from Kessler, telling the camera he is sorry he upset anyone.

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Around the 46-second mark, however, he then walks back on screen, says that he isn't actually apologizing and begins using a firearm.

Kessler maintains a YouTube channel that hosts videos of Kessler using various firearms and hour-long episodes of a podcast he runs.

The channel is linked up to a Twitter account, which he uses to promote his videos.


Chief Mark Kessler



It also links to a Facebook page titled "Constitutional Security Force," which is a local "volunteer group" run by Kessler. He says it is not a militia.

Kessler has a separate Facebook fan page that posted this status on Tuesday night, asking followers to "choose sides" against Democrats.

Kessler told The Standard Speaker that everything he's put online is within his constitutional rights.

"That's why I used the vocabulary I did. As for the firing of the guns, that is my Second Amendment right. I have the right to keep and bear arms regardless of what the government says that I don't. I didn't write the Constitution, and there is nowhere in the Constitution where it gives any government the right to regulate freedom of speech and expression and the right to bear arms. Like I said, I didn't write the Constitution. I just try to follow it."

The Gilberton mayor's office says that Kessler will not be disciplined.

Each member of council, each employee and each citizen is not only entitled to their own political opinions, but also the right to express them. We will not take action to quash free speech, whether or not each member of council or any member of council agrees with it."

Kessler made news in 2011, when he was involved in an altercation while off duty and shot himself in the hand with his firearm.