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A Man Was Arrested 45 Minutes After Sharing His Own Wanted Poster On Facebook

What an unexpected turn of events...

Posted on January 22, 2014, at 3:08 p.m. ET

The Freeland, Pa., Police Department shared this wanted poster over the weekend. Anthony James Lescowitch was wanted by Freeland police for an assault that took place over the summer.

Lescowitz made things a bit easier for officials when he shared the wanted poster on his own Facebook, taunting law enforcement. So Freeland Police catfished him, pretending to be a young woman that wanted to have a drink with him:

Police said they noticed Lescowitch shared their post about him on his Facebook page minutes after they posted it on theirs, and he mocked police in his post as well.

So, an undercover officer used a Facebook profile of a fictitious attractive woman to engage in online conversation with Lescowitch through Facebook for about a half hour, pretending to be interested in meeting him and gathering key information about him.

And then the Freeland Police Department posted this update on the case 45 minutes later.

Wow, technology sure is cool.