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A High School Senior Held Her Graduation Ceremony Next To Her Terminally Ill Mother's Hospital Bed

Officials at the high school were able to put together something special for Megan Snugg and her family.

Posted on May 12, 2014, at 11:17 a.m. ET

Megan Sugg, a senior at Glen Burnie High School in Maryland, wanted her terminally ill mother to see her graduate.

Megan's mother, Darlene, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer three and a half years ago. And as the end of the school year came closer and closer, Darlene's health started to deteriorate.

Officials at the school rushed to make sure Darlene could be there for Megan's graduation. They gathered in Darlene's hospital room and held a graduation ceremony for Megan on Thursday.

Family members told local reporters that the impromptu ceremony was an incredible experience. Darlene was exhausted, but aware of the ceremony.

Darlene passed away on Saturday, surrounded by her family. “I couldn’t believe they would do that for my mother and for my sister. It was magical,” said Megan's brother, Steven Sugg. “My mom actually opened her eyes up.”