A Guide To The Dark World Of James Holmes Internet Fandom

Yes, there is an internet community for young girls who are in love with alleged murderer James Holmes and yes, of course it's horrible. They call themselves "Holmies."

There's James Holmes fan art

They wear plaid for Holmes, who apparently was caught wearing a plaid jacket

They've also built an inside joke off this video of a young James Holmes talking about slurpees

Apparently, this is a rap song the community uses as an anthem

View this video on YouTube

Via swallowthefruitsofmypleasure.tumblr.com


i am a seventeen year old who since i can recall, has always had a fascination with serial killers/murderers. you name it. collumbine? ted bundy? btk? i love them. do i mean i love that they killed people? of course not. i would never kill anyone and i feel for the families who have lost loved ones. however, i'm always intrigued as to why they committed these crimes. how did they do it? what goes through their minds?

They organize letter writing campaigns

And yes, they have a tinychat room.

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