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Things Spiraled Out Of Control After This College Student Tried To Find His Missing Bike Helmet

Things escalated VERY quickly.

Last updated on July 3, 2018, at 1:26 p.m. ET

Posted on October 5, 2015, at 8:09 a.m. ET

Earlier this month, a student put up a flyer on a pole at Veracruzana University's engineering school in Xalapa, Mexico, saying that he had lost his "Fox" brand bike helmet.

On the search for a dark black "FOX" brand bicycle helmet. It was forgotten at the tables in front of the administration. You'll be rewarded.

Immediately, signs went up on the same pole offering to sell a black Fox helmet and resell a Fox helmet.

Then a few more signs went up...


And then a few MORE signs went up.

And then prayer candles and rosaries appeared.

Signs began covering the walkway. Students started sharing their grief about the missing helmet in memes and personal messages.

Posters went up on the walls of the school with hashtags like #UnitedByTheHelmet and #WeAreAllFOX.


Local musicians played songs about the helmet.

Facebook: video.php

This kid is playing an accordion tribute at the helmet shrine.

People started sharing on Facebook the WhatsApp messages they were sending to helmet guy.

People from all over Mexico were sharing their support and letting helmet guy know that their prayers were with him in this time of need.


The missing helmet became a symbol of national unity.

#UnidosPorElCasco #TodosSomosFox para lo que se unen los mexicanos: -La peda -La tanda -No ir a clases -La perdida del casco Fox

#UnityForTheHelmet #WeAreAllFOX What unites Mexicans:-Partying-Lending each other money-Not going to class-The loss of the FOX helmet

News of helmet guy's missing helmet spread far and wide and there have been prayer circles and vigils happening at the helmet shrine for over a week now.

The missing helmet has become such a big deal that Facebook users started demanding that Mexico's president create a special team to recover the helmet.

We demand that [Mexican President] Enrique Peña Nieto creates a special commission to recover the helmet... wasn't it that only fruit and geese disappeared in #Veracruz? #HelmetYouHurtMe
"We are not complete, we lack a helmet."

#NegroSeLoLlevaron #NegroLoQueremos #CascoFox


Faltan 44 😢😢 Regresen al #CascoFox

Missing 44 😢😢 return to #FOXhelmet

Unfortunately, as of press time, there have been no updates on the status of the helmet.

¿Cuántos más @EPN? Esto en la Fac. de Ing. #Xalapa @LuzioUV #TodosSomosCascoFox #CascoFox #FelizJueves

How many more [Mexican President] Enrique Peña Nieto? This is in the Faculty of Engineering in #Xalapa.

Mexico waits with bated breath for news of their lost bike helmet. Godspeed. 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽