A 15-Year-Old Girl Was Forced To Wear A "Shame Suit" After Her School Decided Her Dress Was Too Short

Miranda Larkin's school told her the outfit was to embarrass her and make sure she never does it again.

This is the dress that 15-year-old Miranda Larkin wore on her third day at her new school, Oakleaf High School in Orange Park, Florida.

After first period, the sophomore was stopped in the hallway by a teacher who told her it was too revealing. She was sent to the nurse, where she was allegedly forced to change.

The school apparently has a lime-green shirt and red sweatpants with "DRESS CODE VIOLATION" printed on them that are given to students who violate dress code. Miranda alleges she was forced to wear it all day instead of being sent home early.

A spokesman for the county school district clarified in a statement that students are told they can wear the outfit, go to an in-school suspension, or arrange for someone to bring new clothes to school.

Miranda's mother, Dianna, is furious about what she calls a "shame suit." The Larkins said that Miranda was never given an option and had to fake going home sick to get out of wearing the "dress code violation" outfit all day.

Larkin plans on filing a formal complaint with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). She believes it's a harmful practice that only embarrasses students.

Larkin released a statement to the media about why exactly she has an issue with what happened to her daughter:

"My problem is not with the dress code itself," she wrote. "I am actually a proponent of school uniforms (which trust me does NOT make my kids happy), and believe that if you break the rules of the school you should be punished regardless of your opinion of the rule itself. My problem is with the public shaming of kids."

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