28 Thoughts An American Had While Watching The Final French Presidential Debate

Apparently their politicians like to yell at each other just as much as ours do.

1. Me right now.

2. Le Pen is making the EXACT same face your mom makes when you try to convince her why your curfew should be extended to midnight.

3. I know whatever Macron is saying is probably important because he's doing that French hand thing.

4. Interesting. Le Pen has countered with her own very aggressive French hand talking thing. Let's see if Macron can recover.

5. This is going to be a tough night for Le Pen. The candidates appear to be debating on top of a giant euro coin. This is probably that media bias the far-right is always talking about.

6. This is it. This is all of French politics in one picture. 🙏🏻

7. You said it, lady.

8. I am, like, 90% convinced that Le Pen brought a bunch of empty folders to make her side of the desk look busier. Next-level petty.

9. "Guys, guys, chill out, no one actually wants either of you to be president, it's cool. Take it easy."

10. I just want someone to look at me the way Le Pen looks when someone mentions "Brexit."

11. Brexit makes everyone smile that way, apparently.

12. I don't know what she's talking about but...

13. ...it doesn't look good.

14. Oh, Le Pen's actually looking at her notes. I wonder what they say...

15. Macron always looks like he's trying to scream through his eyes.

16. Yo, for real, I watched the last debate in France and I gotta say, this thing isn't nearly as fun without the angry leftist grandpa and the bored hot communist.

17. Le Pen has the Brexit smile down, but I think she has to work on her Trump shrug a bit more.

18. "I am a big boy and I am totally a real politician. Please take me seriously. I read a lot about being president on Wikipedia."

19. Why is everyone yelling...

20. HOLY SHIT, wait, I think Le Pen's folder is just full of printed articles about Macron. She literally brought receipts. Le Pen lives for drama.

21. "Madame Le Pen, I do care about the common people of France. Whether you're a bank from Normandy or an insurance company from Nice, I — wait, shit."

22. Every time Le Pen says something Macron basically goes full "Jim listening to Michael Scott" face.

23. When you're an hour into a debate and running out of new ways to blame stuff on immigrants.

24. I don't know who this woman is but I think she should be president. She is holding this shit together like a goddamn champ.

25. I think the guy next to her is just happy to be included.

26. "It's nice to be part of something."

27. The end of the debate was sort of a blur. All I know is that Macron just said "Madame Le Pen" over and over again while Le Pen sort of screamed at him for a while.

28. Anyways, that's that. The debate is over. The election's on Sunday. Everyone seems stressed out and angry. I think this lady should probably be president. She seems like she knows what she's talking about.