21 Beautiful And Defiant Tributes To The Victims Of The Belgium Terror Attacks

Artists from all over the world are grieving with the people of Brussels.

The city of Brussels has been on lockdown Tuesday following deadly attacks at the city's main airport and at a subway station. At least 13 people are dead after the explosions at the airport and local media are reporting up to 10 people were killed in the separate attack on the Maelbeek metro station.

"What we've feared has happened, we were hit by unforeseen attacks," Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said at a press conference.

On social media, artists — many of them French — expressed their sadness and solidarity with the people of Belgium.

1. Plantu

#Bruxelles L'hommage de Plantu https://t.co/sBBY9mGViE

"13 November... 22 March..."

2. Christophe Conte

4. Baudry

5. Louison

"C'était au temps où Bruxelles bruxellait." 🎶💔💔💔🎶 #Bruxelles #Brussels #cauchemar

"This was the time where Brussels brusseled"

6. Joann Sfar


8. Myriam Sanchez

#Bruxelles may you find peace again... Sending lots of love and courage for everybody there #PrayForBruxelles

10. Mitch

"Belgium cries for her children..."

12. Elyx by YAK

Solidarité avec la Belgique ! Nous sommes tous les atomes d'une même humanité ! #Bruxelles #Peace #WeareOne

"Solidarity with Belgium! We are all atoms of the same humanity!"

13. Jean-Baptiste Rony

Attentats Bruxelles Milou pas content #dessin #Bruxelles #Brussels

"Tintin, they're attacking us!"


Attentats Bruxelles le Maneken pleure #Bruxelles #attentatbruxelles #dessin

"Attacks of Brussels, The Little Peeing Boy cries."

15. Rakidd

Facebook: LesGribouillagesDeRakidd

"I especially want you to be yourself, be proud and happy, because happiness is our true destiny."

16. Shitty Watercolour

Thinking of those affected in #Brussels right now

17. Sarah Vettes

Paris est avec toi Bruxelles. #Bruxelles #attentatbruxelles #dessin #22mars



DESSIN: Réaction après les attentats de #Bruxelles

"Attacks on Brussels... Pickles! Ectoplasm! Turkeys! Scoundrels! Pignoufs! Cretins! Brainwashed! Cowards! Sons of your uncles!"

"DRAWING: Reaction after the attacks of Brussels"

20. Esperanzah!

Terror can't kill Belgian sense of humor. Pis and love Brussels. via @esperanzah


"Thinking of Brussels and all of Belgium."

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