Former Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Said Joe Biden Would Make A “Terrific President”

Jarrett won’t endorse anyone in the primary yet but is speaking to many of the candidates in a field she described as “an embarrassment of riches” on BuzzFeed News’ Profile.

Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett said she thinks Joe Biden would make a “terrific president,” but she won’t endorse anyone in the crowded Democratic primary right now.

“I think right now in the Democratic Party we have an embarrassment of riches,” Jarrett said on BuzzFeed News’ Profile. “I think it’s also early and I think in this campaign unlike president Obama where I got in very early because I’d known him forever I was completely willing to jump in. I want to see how they do.”

Jarrett did say, however, she’s speaking to many of the candidates, including Elizabeth Warren and Biden, about the primary.

“It’s a gauntlet and having now been through two presidential campaigns, I know what it takes to get in there and really earn the trust of the American people, and so I think I’ve talked to many of the candidates,” Jarrett said.

Jarrett said she’s advised candidates to be authentic and recognize no one is going to give them the election.

“Show us what it is that your vision is, but also more importantly or just as importantly, how are you going to execute on that vision,” Jarrett said she told the candidates. “What is it that you have in your talent bank that’s going to enable you to deliver on what you say you’re going to do.

Jarrett added that she wants to see the candidates running for the nomination not harshly attack each other over the course of the primary.

“Don’t beat up on the other guys and gals in the race so much that when we emerge from the primary with a nominee that that person is in a weakened state,” Jarrett said. “Keep your eye on the prize, which is the general election.”

“I’m not interested in what you think about the other guy, I can formulate my own opinions about that person,” Jarrett added. “Tell me why I should believe in you.”

Watch the full interview with Valerie Jarrett on Profile, Sunday morning at 8 ET.

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