Did You Get A Letter From Trump About Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check? Tell Us What You Think.

We want to know if the coronavirus stimulus check, and a letter about it from the president, changed how you think about Trump and the government.

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Millions of Americans have received or are waiting for their direct stimulus payments of up to $1,200 provided by the CARES Act.

Across the country, many people have used the stimulus money to pay for necessities as the coronavirus pandemic has paused entire industries and left many families at home with no source of income. Americans have taken those checks and direct deposits and paid for everything from rent, utilities, and groceries, or have stashed the money away as the country enters an unstable economic future.

The pandemic has exposed steep economic fault lines in the country as many worry about where they’ll find money to pay for basic necessities and if there may be another round of relief for citizens.

BuzzFeed News is looking to speak with Americans who have received or are waiting for their stimulus check. We want to hear about what you’re worried about economically, how you’re dealing with the current financial crisis, and how you view Congress and President Donald Trump’s response to many Americans' dire economic situations. And we want to know if the stimulus money, and the letter from Trump that may have accompanied it, has changed how you think of the government, or specifically about Trump and Congress, as we head into another election.

Send us an email introducing yourself and include information about your current situation and we will set up a time to chat: ryan.brooks@buzzfeed.com