Tom Steyer Is Posting Job Listings On LinkedIn For A Potential 2020 Campaign

A spokesperson for the California billionaire confirmed the anonymous postings came from Steyer, who she said is still considering joining the 2020 primary.

Tom Steyer posted job listings on LinkedIn last week for several high-ranking positions on his potential 2020 presidential campaign, a spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday afternoon.

Steyer, a San Francisco–based billionaire and the Democratic donor behind the national "Need to Impeach" effort aimed at President Donald Trump, published the job openings under an anonymous account. The listing invites "highly skilled political professionals" to apply for key roles on a "national campaign team" for a "high-profile political campaign based on the West Coast."

According to the LinkedIn post, Steyer is looking to fill the role of state director in three of the four key states that kick off the Democratic nominating contest: Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire.

The listing asks that applicants have “a commitment to progressive change” and a “passion for progressive politics.”

“We will disclose candidate information after an initial screening interview,” the listing reads.

Aleigha Cavalier, a spokesperson for Steyer, confirmed that the posting came from their team, but said that the "Need to Impeach" founder has yet to make a decision about a presidential campaign. Steyer, a mainstay in the California political scene, has toyed publicly for years with statewide campaigns for governor and Senate — only to bow out of the race after weeks of speculation in the press.

"As Tom has said publicly, he is considering how he can have the most impact in 2020, and our team is exploring staffing options, should he decide to move forward with a run," Cavalier said. "Tom has not made a final decision and any discussions with potential staff are preliminary."

For any potential presidential candidate, the search for staff in advance of a formal launch is a tricky proposition. Presidential campaigns are massive enterprises. Building one begins as much with the question of whether to run as with the work that must be done first in order to launch a successful and competitive campaign.

Under rules set by the Federal Election Commission, however, that prep work could also trigger the "testing the waters" phase of a potential campaign — a period during which candidates may explore the feasibility of a run, with such activities as polling or traveling, but must keep financial records and abide by contribution limits.

Of the many Democrats looking at the 2020 primary, Steyer has been among the most open about his interest in the race.

Late last month, he addressed staffers and consultants during a weekly meeting, where he also solicited questions as if at a town hall. During that meeting, according to multiple participants, his comments about 2020 were so explicit that at least a few members of the team actually thought he had all but announced.

Asked about the meeting at the time, Cavalier disputed the characterization. "As he's said publicly," she said, "he has not made a decision about his political future — and that is still the case."

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