Romney Would Treat Middle Class Like His Dog, According To New Super Pac

Another SuperPac! "Don't Be Mitt's Bitch."

Seamus — the Irish Setter notoriously strapped to the roof of the Romney family car during a 650-mile road trip — has inspired a yet another new SuperPac. The PAC, raising funds for President Obama's re-election bid, was filed Sept. 21 with the Federal Election Committee under the name "Romney's Dog House."

Their message: "If Romney gets the White House, we get the dog house."

The attacks on Romney's canine conduct were a feature of the long silly summer, and have largely faded since; they appear to be back.

"What happened was, I knew about the Seamus story and it just sort of clicked," said Jeff Turk, one of the PAC's founders. "The dog house is the middle class, it's seniors, it's firemen, it's teachers, it's students — it's everybody who will be adversely affected by a Romney presidency."

The PAC — which also refers to itself as "the People's SuperPAC" — will rely on small "grassroots" donations, says Turk, who hopes to fund three sets of online ads.

The PAC is also selling Seamus and dog house-themed merchandise to help raise last-minute funds for Obama. The online store encourages you to purchase dog house hats, t-shirts, t-shirts designed for dogs, as well as one sweatshirt that reads, "Don't be Mitt's Bitch."

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