Harry Reid Is Very Impressed With Cory Booker's Size

And his academic record. "He's a very big man, physically."

BuzzFeed / Via cspan.org

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid makes remarks on the floor of the Senate Monday afternoon about Senator-elect Cory Booker.

Before laying out his agenda for the next four weeks in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid took a moment Monday to welcome his soon-to-be colleague, Senator-elect Cory Booker, whom he described admiringly as "a very big man, physically."

"What a remarkable young man he is," Reid said in remarks on the floor of the Senate Monday afternoon. "He was a student at Stanford, and you know to get into Stanford you have to be a really good student. I'm impressed with his academic skills, but he [was] also a tight end from the football team."

"Everyone will meet him here. They'll find that he's a very big man, physically," Reid said, before detailing Booker's academic history at Stanford University, where he received his bachelor's and master's degrees, and at Yale Law School and Oxford, where he attended for two years as a Rhodes Scholar.

"What an outstanding academic record," Reid said. "That's really quite impressive."

Reid also applauded Booker's work in Newark — "a job that's been noticed all over the country," he said — though he mistakenly said that Booker served as mayor for "two years." He has held the top job in City Hall for seven years, not two.

The senator-elect will officially join the upper chamber on Thursday at 12 p.m., when Vice President Biden is scheduled to administer the oath of office.