Exclusive: Lady Gaga Cuts Video For Marriage Equality Vote

The video from The Four 2012 backs marriage initiatives on the ballot in four states this year. "No one speaks more to young people than Lady Gaga," says Ellner.

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Lady Gaga released a video Friday in support of the marriage equality measures on on the ballot Tuesday in four states — Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. The singer's video is the latest from a social media campaign, The Four 2012, launched by leaders in media and LGBT rights.

"Hey everybody," Lady Gaga says in the video. "I just wanted to remind those of you who live in Maine, Minnesota, Washington, or Maryland, that you can actually vote for marriage equality on the ballot this year."

"No one speaks more to young people than Lady Gaga," said Brian Ellner, a co-founder of The Four, in a statement. "And they support equality more than any other group. If we are going to win and make marriage equality history on Tuesday in all four states, we need young people to get out and vote in record numbers."

Ryan Davis, another co-founder, added: "We're reaching millions of young voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington over the next four days, focusing on getting out the vote, and Lady Gaga has just become a major amplifier of equality."

Lady Gaga has been an outspoken advocate for marriage equality and LGBT rights. After President Obama announced his personal support for gay marriage, the singer tweeted, "Obama, congratulations on being the first sitting President to support marriage equality. Feels like the future, and not the past."

Last month, the Four 2012 released a video featuring Google employees in support of the marriage equality vote. "This is going to be the civil rights issue of our generation," said one Googler in the video.

Both videos are part of The Four's $200,000 ad campaign, funded by Jason Golberg, founder of Fab.com, an online design company.

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