8 Emotional Moments Of Joe Biden, In His Own Words

The Vice President is pure emotion. These are some of the tearjerkers from his 2007 memoir, Promises to Keep.

1. Joe Biden wells up when his opponent in his first senate race, long-time Republican senator J. Caleb Boggs, calls to concede

2. In a car crash, Biden's wife and daughter are killed, and his two sons are badly injured; Biden writes that he understood suicide as "a rational option"

3. After the crash, older senators take the time to check in on Biden — "a rare thing in the Senate," writes Biden

4. Biden's young sons inform dad that it's time "we should marry Jill"

5. Biden says he'll give up the Senate if Jill will marry him; when Biden calls to tell a reporter the news, Jill stops him — "Don't do that."

6. Joe Biden almost backs out of the 1988 race, but Jill tells him it's too late to turn back

7. After withdrawing from the race, Biden returns to the Robert Bork hearings. "You have to win this thing," Jill tells him.

8. Coming home to Wilmington after a long and hard race, Biden is greeted to a standing ovation at a favorite Italian restaurant

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