Men Are Wearing Miniskirts To Protest The Killing Of A Woman Who Fought Off A Rapist

While women have led the protests against the tragic murder of Özgecan Aslan, men have also taken a stand against violence against women.

In response to the murder of 20-year-old Özgecan Aslan in Turkey – who was killed after reportedly fighting off a rape attempt – men are posting photos of themselves wearing mini skirts in a sign of support for women's rights.

Eylem gibi eylem #EteğiniGiyTaksimeGel bu tagı kullanalım dostlar.

This week, men began using the hashtag #ozgecanicinminietekgiy – which roughly translates to "wear a miniskirt for Ozgecan" – and sharing selfies of themselves wearing mini-skirts holding signs of support.

According to a BBC report, the trend began in neighbouring Azerbaijan on Wednesday, and over 1,500 people have used it so far.

Azerbaijan citizens speak a Turkic language and the country has strong cultural ties to Turkey.

On Facebook, one comment summarised the reasoning behind the campaign: "If a miniskirt is responsible for everything, if wearing a miniskirt means immorality and unchastity, if a woman who wears a miniskirt is sending an invitation about what will happen to her, then we are also sending an invitation!"

Azerbaycan'da Erkek,Özgecan Öldürülmesini Protesto Etmek İçin Facebook'ta #ozgecanicinminietekgiy Kampanyası Başlattı

It hasn't just been men, either.

Since last weekend, protests against the shocking murder of Özgecan Aslan have taken place in a number of cities in the region.

According to local media reports, Aslan is thought to have been murdered on 11 February by a minibus driver after he attempted to rape her.

Her body was found in a creek two days later, and she was laid to rest on 14 February, Valentine's Day.

Earlier this week, many people began sharing selfies of themselves dressed in black clothing to protest against Aslan's death.

Others took to Twitter to express their grief, using the hashtag #sendeanlat (you tell your story) to open up the conversation about violence against women.

#sendeanlat in some parts of the world women "ask to be raped" just by leaving their homes! RIP Ozgecan Aslan

Walking away from Taksim one night I was punched in the breast by a guy. And that's in a "liberal" tourist area #sendeanlat (#tellyourstory)

Wearing mini skirt, tight, laughing loudly, putting on red lipstick seem like reason of rape in Turkey. #sendeanlat

Hundreds of women also defied a request from an iman to take a step back during Aslan's funeral. Instead, they carried her coffin and led her funeral prayer.

The other and true face of women in #Turkey. Here carrying #OzgecanAslan coffin which was raped and murdered.

Aslan's tragic murder led to Turkey’s leaders vowing to take action over the “open wound” of violence against women.

#ozgecanaslan .... No violence to women !! Let's girls live with dignity and love 🙏🙏🙏

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