Urban Outfitters President Has Donated To Rick Santorum

Donated $13,150 to Santorum over the years. Still doesn't sell sweater-vests.

The CEO of Urban Outfitters Inc., which owns hipster mass market brands like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People, is a former donor to Rick Santorum.

Per a Philadelphia Weekly article from 2003 on Urban Outfitters and its founder Richard Hayne:

While the typical Urban Outfitters shopper is likely to be liberal-minded--as is the province and privilege of youth--the fiftysomething Hayne is mom-and-apple-pie conservative. He and his wife Margaret have contributed $13,150 to the campaign coffers of Paleolithic right-wing Republican Sen. Rick Santorum and his Political Action Committee over the years.

Records show that Hayne didn't contribute to Santorum this cycle. He did send checks to the campaign of Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Pat Meehan.

h/t @SuzyKhimm

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