See Cartoon Instructions For How To Stone Adulterers

122 Facebook likes, 500 Facebook shares. A very sanitized treatment of a bloody practice. (Updated)

WASHINGTON — An Islamist Facebook page uploaded a cartoon explaining how to stone adulterers on Wednesday that is getting a decent reaction on the Web so far, garnering over 120 "likes" and 500 Facebook shares as well as 500 comments.

The cartoon provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly execute someone guilty of adultery, according to Eric Trager, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

The Facebook page it's posted on is dedicated to opposing "secularists and liberals" in Egypt, Trager said.

Updated 5:18 p.m.: Ross Neumann points out that the cartoon originates in a National Post article from 2010 which delves into a stoning incident in Iran.

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