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The Time When It Was Hard To Figure Out What Rick Santorum Was Talking About

Rick Santorum slid tonight, lacking the aggression and focus he showed at last night's debate.

Posted on January 17, 2012, at 10:40 p.m. ET


COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Rick Santorum spoke to a well-heeled crowd at a South Carolina Chamber of Commerce-sponsored forum tonight and showed little of the bite he displayed at last night's debate.

At one point, comparing his plan for economic revival to those of Gingrich and Romney, Santorum rambled to the degree that it wasn't clear which candidates he was talking about.

If you want to encapsulate the difference between Congressman Gingrich, myself and Governor Romney -- what I just described to you with Social Security is a very good understanding. Timid, and too bold and not predictable, not someone you can rely upon with good solid ideas. Throwing lots of ideas out there, not well thought out, not responsible. Very few ideas and not much change. Someone who has bold ideas, thinks through these things, puts forward plans that are gonna make a difference to the country.

Can you guess which descriptor matches which candidate?

The moment was a departure for Santorum, who had a strong showing last night with focused attacks on Mitt Romney.