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Ron Paul Says Goodbye To "Psychopathic Authoritarians"

The Paul era is officially over.

Posted on November 14, 2012, at 9:27 p.m. ET

Ron Paul reserved unusually strong language, even for him, for his farewell speech on the House of Representatives floor today. The speech marked the end of Paul's last term in Congress, though his more dramatic farewell came at the end of his presidential campaign.

Paul spoke for nearly 45 minutes, slamming the political establishment, the TSA, the federal government, Internet regulations, police searches, and, of course, the Federal Reserve. The speech seemed at times to be one long complaint about the dearth of libertarian ideas in Congress.

"Our liberties have been eroded, our wealth has been consumed," Paul said.

He blasted "psychopathic authoritarians" who "endorse government-initiated force to change the world."

"Even when the goals are well-intentioned or especially when they're well-intentioned, the results are dismal," Paul said.

"Sadly we have become accustomed to living the with the illegitimate use of force by government," Paul said.

Paul's son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, tweeted earlier that he was in the room with his father and said, "We're about to hijack the house!"

"If you find this to be a worthwhile message, spread it throughout the land," Paul concluded, to brief applause.