Ron Paul Defends Mitt Romney's "Poor" Comment

The alliance continues!

Ron Paul defended Mitt Romney's recent remark that he's "not concerned about the very poor" on Piers Morgan's CNN show tonight, saying that the frontrunner was the victim of political opponents and the media.

"I don’t have probably any agreements with Mitt on policies," Paul said. "But I think it was a big issue because of politicians and because of opposition and demagoguing and the media jumping on him."

"I'm probably defending him more than he’s defending himself," Paul said.

Much has been made in recent days of the Paul and Romney campaigns working together in Nevada; a Romney consultant told BuzzFeed this past week that the mutual respect between the campaigns "exists at the top."

Later in the interview, Morgan asked Paul about his views on war and whether he would avoid war under any condition. "I'm not a pacifist," Paul said.

When asked whether or not the U.S. should pre-emptively attck Iran, Paul said, "Why not let the British go over there and die? Why is it assumed that we’re the policemen of the world?"

Morgan ended the interview by asking Paul whether he'd be able to endorse anyone in the general election.

"It would be a real challenge," Paul said.

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