Occupy's April Fool's: May 1st General Strike Is Canceled! (It's Not)

Activists tweet that "May Day" is a no-go. It's an April Fool's joke, but others weigh in: "This is actually really smart."

Twitter: @OccupySteve

A day before April Fool's Day, the main @OccupyWallSt Twitter account retweeted a tweet from an activist claiming that the May 1st "general strike" — Occupy's largest planned action this year — had been canceled.

It's not actually true, though that would have possibly been more clear on April 1st. Sources confirm that the protests are still on ("Did you really just fall for an April Fool's?").

People on Twitter were mildly confused, and sometimes even enthusiastic:

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The @OccupyWallSt account undid its retweet later, after people on Twitter reacted badly. The tweet speaks to the difficulty of April Fool's on Twitter: jokes that are plausible yet unfunny — i.e., lies — are bound to be met with a barrage of confused and frustrated reactions from people who feel lied to.

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