NRCC Launches "Happy Holidays Is What Liberals Say" Mug

A new salvo against the war on Christmas is launched.

WASHINGTON — The National Republican Congressional Committee is fighting back against criticism of its anti-"Happy Holidays" T-shirt by coming out with a mug with the same slogan, according to an email.

Gerrit Lansing, digital director of the NRCC, emailed the following to a conservative listserv on Monday with the subject line "so about that 'Happy Holidays is what Liberals Say' tshirt..." Attached to "then everyone flipped out" is a link to a BuzzFeed story from Monday about the T-shirt:

we launched the shirt last week and then sold out. so we took it down from the site.

then everyone flipped out.

And piled on:


Mo Elleithee:



But we're more of the "Stay on Offense" type at the NRCC so now we're doing a mug and the shirt will be re-launched soon - see the below email in the meantime that we just sent out.

Would love it if any of you could help us kick back on this...

thanks much,

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

Lansing included the following email:

Want to really annoy a liberal? Say "Merry Christmas."

On Friday, we unveiled a new Christmas t-shirt at our NRCC Store – "Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say."

You loved the shirt so much, it sold out!

But Liberals all across the internet flipped out and said we were being politically incorrect.

We're working to get more shirts and products up ASAP.In the meantime we've got a "Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say" MUG for you.

Get yours with **free** shipping while supplies last.

While Democrats are doubling-down, the DCCC is saying the shirt is derogatory to other holidays and religious beliefs. Seriously?

Liberals just don't get it. We don't celebrate Christmas to offend people. Saying "Merry Christmas" isn't an attack on any religion or belief.

Had enough?! Same here.

Get your mug

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Just don't tell Nancy Pelosi we said so.


The NRCC had been selling a shirt that read "Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say" in a Comic Sans font on the front, but on Monday the shirt was no longer on the site.

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