New Ad Attacks Trump On Iran Stances

The TV version of the ad will be 30 seconds and go on the air in Florida and Ohio, according to the group.

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WASHINGTON — An anti-Iran deal group is launching an ad casting Donald Trump as an ally of the Obama administration on Iran policy.

The group behind the ad, given to BuzzFeed News in advance of its release, is Veterans Against the Deal, a 501c4 that was formed over the summer. The group's nonprofit structure means it does not have to disclose its donors.

The ad comes as Republicans, after months of inaction, are finally starting to mount organized attacks on Trump, who is leading in delegates, has won 10 states, and is at this point the likely nominee.

The ad seeks to tie Trump, who does not hew to Republican Party orthodoxy on several issues, to the foreign policy of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. It shows a clip of him telling Wolf Blitzer, "Hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people, I think Hillary would do a good job" in negotiating with Iran.

"Donald Trump is the most erratic and unpredictable presidential candidate in American history," former intelligence officer Michael Pregent, executive director of Veterans Against the Deal, said in a statement. "To make him commander-in-chief is a very dangerous roll of the dice, particularly at a time when America has never been more under threat."

Pregent told BuzzFeed News that the ad would begin as an online-only ad and then also go on TV.

Pregent said he was not yet sure of the size of the buy but said the TV version of the ad would be 30 seconds and go on the air in Florida and Ohio, states that will both hold primaries on March 15.

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