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Mindy Meyer Hits The Campaign Trail, Will Endorse Mitt Romney

The pinkest candidate in America is hard at work on the stump. She does plan to endorse Mitt Romney.

Posted on July 31, 2012, at 9:26 a.m. ET

Mindy Meyer, the 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish "diva" running for state Senate in Brooklyn, is not just a flashy website. She's been hitting the streets of her home district to campaign, haranguing her prospective constituents into listening to her policy positions and views on the opposition.

On her opponent: "He doesn't give a damn about you."

Later: "My message to my opponent is it's time for you to get out because if you really care about your people like you say you do, you'd leave office and let me come in there, because usually when you care about someone you want what's best for them, and if he wants what's best for them, Kevin Parker's got to go."

On the presidential race: "“I’m a Republican and I’m not happy with Obama, so I’m definitely going to endorse Mitt Romney in the presidential election."

via Animal New York