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Heavy Penalties For Witchcraft At Liberty University

Witches at the evangelical university will face a $500 fine, according to the school's handbook.

Posted on May 11, 2012, at 3:02 p.m. ET

Liberty University, the evangelical Christian college in Virginia where Mitt Romney will deliver the commencement address tomorrow, has strict punishments for students who use drugs, sleep over with members of the opposite sex, or assault people. Leaving no stone unturned, the school's handbook also forbids witchcraft:

30 Reprimands + $500.00 Fine + 30 hours Disciplinary Community Service + possible Administrative Withdrawal. NOTE: For each accumulation of six (6) or more reprimands after 30, an additional $150 fine will be assessed.

Assault/sexual assault (minimum two (2) semesters out)
Commission/conviction of any felony
Failure of three (3) Christian/Community Services without reconciliation
Illegal drugs-association/possession, use/distribution (minimum two semesters out)
Involvement with witchcraft, séances or other satanic or demonic activity
Life-threatening behavior or language to others or oneself (immediate removal/exclusion from campus and a minimum of two semesters out)
Non-participation/disruption/non-compliance (possible removal/exclusion from campus)
Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages
Spending the night with a person of the opposite sex
Stealing or possession of stolen property (plus financial restitution; minimum two semesters out)
Two or more individuals of the opposite sex together in motel room
Unauthorized possession/use of weapons