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Gary Johnson: I'm The Best Candidate On Gay Marriage

Says he "crushes" Romney and Obama on civil liberties. Hard to disagree on that one.

Posted on May 8, 2012, at 9:09 a.m. ET

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Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said on Steve Cochran's radio show yesterday that he will "be unequivocally supporting gay marriage" and criticized both President Obama and Mitt Romney for their records on the issue.

"I think I do better than Obama on civil liberties, I think I crush him when it comes to dollars and cents," Johnson said. "I think I do a lot bettrer than Romney on dollars and cents but I think I crush him on civil liberties."

Asked if he was the best candidate on gay marriage, Johnson said "There's no question unabashedly let's have marriage equality now, gay rights are constitutionally guaranteed."

A Johnson presidency would ensure a "libertarian president who's going to challenge Democrats to fix things when it comes to civil liberties and then get a libertarian president who's going to challenge the Republicans on dollars and cents, something they're horrible on."

Johnson, a potential spoiler in the race with polling as high as 6 percent against Romney and Obama, has become more aggressive in his attacks on the mainstream candidates lately. Last weekend he slammed Republicans for the exit of Romney's gay spokesman Richard Grenell, saying "That intolerance is why the world vilifies Republicans."